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lease to own homes in Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, & St. Augustine

Our property types vary from “fixer upper” type properties to nice properties in great neighborhoods. Keep an eye out for emails from us as new discount properties come available.

You’re now on our Preferred Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, & St. Augustine Investment Buyer list and whenever we have new properties available we’ll shoot you an email.

Many of our best deals don’t make it to this website because they get sold to our Preferred Buyers List before we have a chance to list them on this website.

When you get an email from us take a look at the available properties and contact us if you’re interested in a property right away. Our properties tend to go fast. You will see our list of properties as soon as you confirm your email subscription (check your inbox or junk mail in 5 min). Make sure you add our email to your address book in your email system because sometimes the bulk mail robots send us to the junk and this certainly isn’t junk, its money, I’d hate for a good cash buyer to lose out on our deals.

If you want to chat with someone on our team about your specific investment profile, feel free to call us at: (904) 494-8991.

We look forward to working with you! Be on the lookout for our next Property Alert Email!

– Synergy Redevelopers, LLC